Predevelopment Process & Timeline
Redevelopment Process

What is being done?

The land and buildings that make up the Southtown Court community, located along the south side of University Boulevard between 23rd St South and US 31, have been designated for redevelopment.  The redevelopment will upgrade and modernize the site to better serve returning residents and the broader community. This will not happen quickly, allowing plenty of time for input from current residents and neighbors so that the final redevelopment plan will be beneficial for all.

When will it start?

Master planning took place in 2018 with input from the community through various meetings held at Southtown Court. Southtown residents continue to receive information and notices via US Mail sent to each household, through flyers door-to-door, and yard signs. Right now, the initial phase of construction is projected to begin in mid 2021.

Who makes the decision to do this?

This initiative is being led by the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (HABD) and requires approval by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Who is doing it?

HABD, the City of Birmingham, and development partner, Southside Development Company, will be the most active and visible partners in the master planning and construction phases. HABD will plan and coordinate all resident relocation, whether temporary or permanent. Every family will be assigned an HABD case worker to assist in the move and make sure that all needs are addressed. Participation of residents and resident-owned firms during the construction process will also be sought through the HABD Section 3 program.
Resident Relocation

Long before any relocation starts, HABD will work with site residents to develop a relocation plan.  After construction, many former Southtown residents will get to return to new high-quality housing on the site, while others will continue to live elsewhere in quality, affordable housing. HABD is committed to making this fair for all residents. HABD will plan and coordinate all resident relocation, whether temporary or permanent.

What is the relocation timeline?

At this time, relocation is projected to start over the summer of 2020 at the earliest.  Once started, relocation of all residents will take several months to complete.

What is going to happen to us?

All Southtown residents will be relocated either temporarily or permanently following an assessment of family needs and preferences.  Each family will be assigned an HABD caseworker who will conduct the assessment.  Caseworker assignments will be made in early 2020.

Where will we go?

Residents will have several options:  Some residents may wish to return to the redeveloped site; Some may pursue vouchers or homeownership; Others may prefer a different HABD apartment community. Resident Assessment form will be provided to identify your interest. and the Relocation Hotline (205) 521-0632. The website serves as a secondary location for project information.  In early 2020, each resident will be assigned caseworker from the HABD Department of Community Engagement, who can answer specific questions about relocation.

Will there be an opportunity for us to come back?

Southtown residents will have preference for returning to replacement housing on the redeveloped site.

What is required of us to move back?

In order to be eligible to return, Southtown residents must remain in good standing and adhere to the lease agreement.

Master Planning Process

What will go on the property?

The term “mixed-use development” is often used to describe what is expected to go back on to the site. Housing for a range of income levels will be a significant component, along with retail, restaurants, and other business locations. Any uses decided on in the master planning process will be complementary to each other so that a cohesive community feel is created to maximize service to the whole community.

Will the development include housing?

Yes.  The new development is required to include housing.

What is a Master Plan? Can I participate?

This master plan will serve as a framework that will guide the redevelopment at Southtown Court. This process will be open to the public. Its purpose is to create a strategy that introduces appropriate lands uses, balances residential, retail and commercial development. The master plan will be driven by a collaborative process that embraces the aspirations of the community, residents and the civic leaders of Birmingham.

Will there be affordable housing options?

A portion of the housing on the redeveloped site will be replacement housing for HABD residents.

Where can I ask other questions?

Southtown Relocation Hotline — (205) 521-0632
Leave a message with your question, and a call back number and you’ll receive a call from someone at HABD that can answer your specific question.

Please email your questions to:
We will collect all questions, and publicly report out available answers.